7.30pm on 23 March 2012
Culture Lab, Newcastle University

A theatre piece by Gabriele Heller (theatre-between) and Claire Webster Saaremets (Skimstone Arts)

The Giant: We love what we know, like children unable to grasp the idea of something we have never witnessed before. We desire what we can’t get because it is to far away for our little arms. We love what we don’t have to take for granted. We love what we are used to. We love what lies there just in front of us and also what shimmers in the unreachable distance.

MORE ON THIS LATER deals with the desire to understand the world by only observing it. The characters in this piece are tangled up in a distant love story between the waitress Edith and the Robber. Inspired by the life and work of the Swiss writer Robert Walser (1878-1956) directors and performers Gabriele Heller and Claire Webster Saaremets play with different layers of observation. Jumping back and forward between theatre producers, characters and narrators Claire and Gabi invite the audience to question their own way of observation not only in their role as spectators of this play.

Edith loves him. More on this later.” 

A short video example of the life performance can be found at Skimstone Arts.

Audience comments:

"Thoroughly enjoyed every second – am off to read some Walser – converted!"
"I really enjoyed the pieces, opened my eyes to storytelling –
loved it."
"I would like to walk down the street and sit and watch, watch, listen and watch."
"I liked the performance very much, especially how you managed to illustrate the different characters the spirit was wonderful. Thanks!"
"What a fascinating piece, thought provoking and beautifully performed."
"So original. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you."

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