FREQUENCE - theatre training

An intensive weekend workshop around Michael Chekhov acting
techniques will be coming up soon.

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Continuous training in a group is vital for all performers. Working together sharpens our senses and imagination - it keeps our body and mind alive.

FREQUENCE is an intensive training, which incorporates various performing techniques based on concentration, focus and flow of energy. The main aim is to develop a strong individual awareness as performers enabling us to contribute actively and creatively to ensemble work and group devising. Together we explore and discover new approaches of theatre in a playful and physical engaging way.

FREQUENCE is a forum for performers with an interest to work together and share their experiences over an extended period of time.  

The training is led by Gabriele Heller: ‘At the start of my work life I had the chance to explore new forms of theatre with a group of enthusiastic and curious actors. We formed an ensemble and worked together for over 10 years. This playful but also challenging work has shaped my appreciation of theatre. I love working in a group and I am keen to experiment. With FREQUENCE I am hoping to create a forum in the North East, where performers can explore, support and learn from each other as well as building upon their individual strength.’

Gabriele’s practice includes improvisation techniques, physical theatre, Michael Chekhov acting, movement analysis and storytelling. Her teaching ideas are based on listening, responding and sharing. In numerous workshops she experienced that continuity and repetition are powerful learning tools.

The training is open to professionals and beginners with a background in theatre, music or live-art. 

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