WHOSE PLACE - a collaboration with Tuesday’s Childe

7pm on 27 April and 2pm on 28 April 2018
Space Six, Commercial Union House, Newcastle

Tuesday’s Childe is a collective, producing theatre which is visual, physical and playful. They devise new plays by using experimental storytelling techniques to create work which is moving, engaging and inquisitive.

FEEDER: First we must connect all of the places together. Through the sky. We will travel through the sky. (…) No one will be hungry. Everyone with something will be made to share with everyone who has nothing so that everyone has something of nothing and no one has something of anything. I will feed everyone. I am The Great Feeder and our best days lie ahead.

ATTENBOROUGH: As the warmer interglacial period draws to an inevitable end the ice returns to the high valleys. Glaciers that have been shrinking start to grow, (…) It is not an orderly evacuation. In one brief summer the entire city empties along buckled, pitted roads. The stubborn few who remain are dead by the following spring.

WHOSE PLACE is absurd, surreal, comic, frantic and entertaining. Projections, soundscapes and an original score play out as WHOSE PLACE is literally and visually built, changed and re-shaped by the players.
Whose vision will win? Will the balance of power tip towards individual or community? A place for everyone to share, or a place where outsiders are displaced? Can the people possess the place? Will the place have the final say? Myth, fantasy, reality? Enjoy the fun and games as utopian dream meets dystopian nightmare.
WHOSE PLACE is a fast flowing, stylised journey through time. Six performers jump in and out of the action as conflicting political and sociological ideologies battle to shape the place into a vision for the future.

Audience comments:

"Excellent. Thoughtful, stimulating. Take it on tour!"
"Loved every minute. Lots of great humour."
"Very impressive multi-layered ideas very imaginatively carried out."
"It all felt so familiar!!! Bring on the Ice Age!"
"Fantastically thought provoking."
"I really liked the ambition of the time scale, contrasted with the detail of the repeating human comedy."

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