7.30pm on 1 November 2013
Lit & Phil, Newcastle

A collaborative performance between Helictite Orchestra directed by Yassen Roussev, dancer Bethany Peacock and actors Gabriele Heller and James Ryland ELECTRICITY by Graham Mort examines our common understanding of electricity as a natural force – from its incredible displays of power, right down to the tiny electrical impulses that allow our brains to operate our bodies. In giving electricity a voice, which is both visceral and disturbing, Graham Mort demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, who is really in charge of our Universe.

‘This is poetry you can touch, feel, smell, taste and drown in. (…) His way of seeing the world, of feeling his experiences is sometimes almost shocking in its newness.’
Carola Huttman

The poem comes to life through an interaction of narration, improvised music, original choreography, lighting design and video projections.

One flash of light, just one glance in your direction and everything’s over changed forever or begins again. Electricity by Graham Mort

Audience comments:

"Another exploration of the Unknown!  Loved the cerebral onslaught!"
"Weird and wonderful interpretation of spoken word – let’s have more of it here!!"
"Stunning words, soul-moving music and dance, superb performances: truly electrifying! Thank you."
"Mesmerising and beautiful in parts, bloody weird in others - Thanks!"
"A very innovative piece of theatre. Loved the multi media approach – especially the use of dance with the text. "
"Inventive, engaging – superb. Thank you."

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